This is a job opportunity for a Full-Stack Web Application Developer to participate in creating something new and disruptive for the Healthcare industry which will ultimately change the way businesses make and handle major purchases. We’re creating SaaS products that will be used to intelligently manage the procurement process from beginning to end. Our new teammate will be challenged with problems that intersect with AI, ML, Graph Theory, and Knowledge-based expert system domains.

We are looking for a person who will mostly spend their time working on the front end, but they absolutely cannot be ignorant of the workings of the backend side of things. They will be contributing to the engineering discussions on the backend side and helping reach solutions to the various tasks that we work on.

Compensation and benefits:

  • Competitive hourly wage rate determined by your experience and reviewed once a year
  • Paid vacations and Ukrainian national holidays
  • Paid bonuses: birthday, New Year, parental bonus
  • Payment of salaries on a fortnightly basis without delays
  • No overtimes
  • Occasional pizza and online courses paid for by us

Please read the following requirements to check whether this vacancy fits your skills.

Tech requirements:

  • Have done both Front-End and Back-End development
  • Understand Relational Databases
  • Know how to use Git
  • Have well rounded experience
  • Have a portfolio
  • Have a love of learning new things and be able to apply them
  • Front-End (75% dedication)
    • Know a reactive framework like React, Vue, or Angular (We use Vue and TypeScript, so that’s a plus)
    • Have a good understanding of best practices for front-end design and development
    • Have developed SPA or even an SPA with SSR functionality for a web application
    • Have a good eye for design
  • Back-End (25% dedication)
    • We don’t really care what language the backend was done in, as long as you understand the relationship between the client and server (We use Java and Spring, so that’s a plus)
    • Understand API design
    • Understand Caching
    • Understand fundamentals of
      • Client/Server Security
      • The relationship between sessions and scaling the backend
      • HTTP Methods, Error Codes, Headers
    • Aware of SSE, WebSockets, etc.
    • Aware of protocol buffers
    • Aware of different architectures/paradigms (event driven, micro services, pub-sub, etc.)

Working conditions:

  • Completely remote work from your home (You must have a calm and convenient workplace, decent hardware and good internet connection)
  • Full time (40-hour week, 8-hour day)
  • Online availability from noon to 8pm by Ukrainian time
  • Participation in daily scrums
  • Working in an international team with the manager located in USA
  • Speaking English to all teammates outside Ukraine
  • Readiness to long-term relationship

Other information:

  • This vacancy is only for residents and citizens of Ukraine
  • If you are looking for a junior/trainee position, then we cannot invite you for this opening (unfortunately)
  • We don’t hire anyone from agencies or studios

If you are interested, please apply with our Contact Form, and we will be glad to discuss possible collaboration!


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