Pavel Golovchenko


Pavel Golovchenko

I aspire to think outside the box and look for solutions to every issue, even the most complicated. I always choose dialogue and compromise, not conflict.

I try different approaches and am not afraid of sharp turns. I tie the thin threads of my business contacts into strong business ties.

It’s my work and I do it well.

Tatyana Aleksina


Tatyana Aleksina

Too smart for blonde. Too blonde for smarty. Yoga, self-irony and doubtful writing experiments help me to keep my ego in the green zone.

What the hell am I doing here? Yes, you’re right. Of course it’s family coattails, favors or chits… but hey, guys, I’m kinda a cool financial expert with certificates, a professional financial background and sugar cookies. (Yeah, this site uses cookies!)

In short, I can take care of your money. Would you like to check this fact? Just sign a contract with UnboltSoft! Well… there’s papers, a pen… yes, and sugar cookies, of course. Help yourself, please!

Yevgeniy Tymchishin


Yevgeniy Tymchishin

Having spent enough time as a civil design engineer, I have realized that I want something more.

I don’t want to just use the products of software engineering for design work, but I also want to create, improve and optimize them for the needs of other users. I want to invent new software solutions designed to facilitate and accelerate the work of designers, and not only them, to save them from the boring routine tasks using a symbiosis of my knowledge in the branches of design and software engineering.

Denis Yakimov


Denis Yakimov

Software engineering is not just a craft or a skill, it’s an art. Designing, developing and testing software is an act of creative will that results in state-of-the-art outcomes.

Like the huge pyramids, applications are built from scratch, grain by grain. Overcoming the costs and contradictions, algorithms and mechanisms are assembled together into powerful yet flexible, beautiful and extensible works of sheer creativity. This is software engineering in a nutshell.

It’s the reason I like software engineering and development. And it’s also the reason why our UnboltSoft team does everything it can to create the finest grade product for you, our clients.

Roman Sukhomlin


Roman SukhomlinProgramming makes people’s lives easier. Just check with my own experience, because I am not only a programmer, but also a scientist. My scientific work is related to the analysis of complex acoustic and vibration signals of technical and biological systems.

In all studies involving complex calculations it is more efficient to use a program than to count everything manually. I can give you many examples of how programs help people: social networks, smartphones, tablets, robots, SkyNet (that will capture and destroy the world)… Oops! It looks like the last example isn’t suitable.

As a programmer, I create desktop and web applications. I believe I’m doing pretty well because I really like my work. I like making people’s lives easier.

Denis Karbyshev



Nowadays, almost every person has a smartphone. It helps us in everyday affairs, preserves vivid memories, and even saves lives! And the smartphone has become so thanks to the developers, people who have decided to make the world a better place. And so I decided that it was time to contribute to the development of mobile technologies too. Hi, my name is Den Karbyshev, and I am an Android developer!

Now I am developing applications in two languages: Java and Kotlin. I constantly follow new technologies, and apply them to my work. Also, I enjoy studying machine learning and new programming languages. And the more I study, the more I understand that nothing is impossible. You just need to try hard!

Platon Pobozhiy


Platon PobozhiyI am always open to something new. New challenges constantly attract my interest. I am delighted with the evolution of the JavaScript language and its accompanying ecosystem. I have extensive experience in creating online CRM systems. I am fond of football and snooker.

“Every great developer you know got there by solving problems they were unqualified to solve until they actually did it.” – Patrick McKenzie

Aleksandr Kukharev


Aleksandr Kukharev

Ikigai is a Japanese concept that can be translated as ‘meaning of life’. Taken literally, it can be a reason to wake up every morning. There are four intersecting components to this concept:

1. What I can do.
2. What I like to do.
3. From what I make money.
4. What people need.

If all components are present, this allows one to consider what is best for them, what makes their life harmonic, and to determine what their mission in life is. What this suggests to me personally is that information technologies and software engineering are my ikigai.

Pavel Lazovskiy


Pavel LazovskiyHi, my name is Pasha, and I’m ready to make my choice. When I choose a path, I follow it until the end. This is how I came to choose software engineering.

Software engineering gives me the ability to face different tasks, and to solve them in the most appropriate way.

Every task solved makes me feel more satisfaction.

I don’t like to make mistakes, but every mistake made offers a lesson that can only be to my benefit.

Vitaliy Kus


Vitaliy Kus

“We cannot reach perfection, but we must strive to achieve.”

That is my motto. I am a programmer that came from the boy who loved Lego and plasticine, who had plenty of imagination and an unstoppable will to create. I like to view everything as a miracle, with childlike curiosity and open-mindness, with fairness.

However, I’m not merely an airy-fairy dreamer, rather an always-in-his-own mind freak. I don’t waste time with idle chatter and prefer actions over words. I’m obsessed with details (maybe too much), and I care about every little thing.

Yes, perfection knows no limits. But nothing can prevent my attempts to push my creations to the peak of excellence.

Dmitry Ileyko

Dmitry IleykoWell, I could write that my very first word was ‘Haskell’, and that I made my first calculator when I was ten. But that would be a stretch, to say the least. I had come a long way before I started to learn programming.

I was a sales assistant, a pool manager, a translator in the Embassy of Canada, and an Uber driver. I even tried to work as a model for a fashion agency. Ugh, let’s skip that.

For the last few years, my main focus has been software development. Could it be the crowning achievement of my tumultuous career? Time will tell. For now, I learn and work, I master my skills, and just relish the gains.

Ilya Tretyakov

Ilya Tretyakov

Describing myself, I can tell that I’m sort of person inspired by combining bits of knowledge from exact sciences using creative approaches. Software developing, being a significant part of technical tasks, is perceived as some kind of art. Though, it doesn’t throw off the necessity of the theoretical background.

The three passions I have are computer science, traveling, and music. To my mind hobbies play a significant part of one’s personal life, because they enable switching between activity types to separate in some way an excessive obsession with work tasks. In turn, it leads to the betterment of the production and good mood.

Since school days I’ve been surrounded by different computer equipment, and my first code was designed and performed on a programmable calculator Elektronika B3-34 (what was a shock to realize it’s even older than me!).

I do hope that my work experience and varied self-development will increase day by day, resulting in great performance and awesome team spirit!

Aleksandr Bogomaz

Aleksandr BogomazEach task has a solution waiting to be found, no matter how long it takes.

It all begins with ones and zeroes, and ends with the amazing technological world in which we find ourselves. The chance to be a part of all of this, and to innovate, is what lights the spark inside of me.

Vladislav Zagubinoga

Vladislav Zagubinoga

If I had to describe myself in three words, I would use the following: active, self-critical, romantic. In my opinion, it is not a very demonstrative combination of characteristics. If I recounted meeting a person not familiar to me who possessed similar qualities, I would have been hard pressed to understand what he is too.

However, if you think about this combination of character traits, it makes me what I am. This I explain as follows: my romanticism makes me sincerely carried away by many good things, and my activity makes me realize those passions in full. It is because of these qualities that I became interested in everything related to research and analysis (programming is the best manifestation of this activity). I would also like to note that I consider myself lucky to be able to utilise my qualities within the UnboltSoft team.

Should someone think that I have forgotten all about self-criticism, it is not so. It is only self-criticism that has prevented me from merely listing my personal preferences (favorite color, names of my pet fish, etc.) and is helping me to write this profile like a proper literary essay.

Igor Nosach

igor_nosachMy main goals are the quality and professional development of the work I do. Complex and non-trivial tasks help me to develop my personal skills. Learning helps me to adapt to rapidly changing trends.

Programming is a science where everybody across the world works together and helps one another. I am therefore glad to cooperate and exchange experience with other developers.

Mikhail Stets

Mikhail StetsIf memory serves, we live in the 21st century. It’s hard nowadays to rely on one’s memory completely.

A huge amount of information surrounds and passes through us every day. We cannot cope with such a volume of information on our own. We need the help of IT and its integral parts, software and hardware. And my modest mission within this process is to provide correct and reliable work for both of these parts.

I’m an engineer for computer systems.

Aleksandr Ivanov

Aleksandr IvanovSince childhood I have been fascinated by the unknown. Scientists, discoverers, and different characters from science fiction were my heroes. I always imagined myself as a scientist who discovers a new law, an engineer who invents a new unbelievable device, or just a pilot of a spaceship who explores a new galaxy.

In my desire to know the world I became interested in chemistry, physics, electronics, and programming. But I’ve never tried to learn by heart new formulas, new laws or new theorems while gaining this knowledge. I’ve always tried to comprehend the nature of a phenomenon or process, to feel it, to add another brush stroke to the picture of my understanding of the world.

I have kept this desire alive to the present day, my craving for knowledge, my aspiration to explain the world and for reaching the edge of what is known. And though life often tries to pull me down with everyday problems and trivialities, my desire pushes me towards my dream, to the chance to peek over this edge. I look forward to an opportunity to discover something new for myself and the world, to extend areas of knowledge that have already been explored by humanity.

Andrey Kornienko

Andrey Kornienko

Software development forges ahead in quantum leaps. New technologies appear literally every day. That is why it is necessary to keep up to date. Moreover, not merely to keep up, but to go forth and be a leader. To be ready to change, supplement, look for unexpected solutions, and to invent something new and relevant.

That is why I am learning every day. I am improving my skills. I want to use my knowledge for the sake of people, for the sake of progress.

Svyatoslav Teslenko

Svyatoslav TeslenkoFrom an early age I was interested in mathematics and programming. When I wrote my first serious program I realized that my future would be closely connected with computer science.

Generally, it would be wise to get into mathematics as much as possible to create highly optimized, quality projects. I improve myself and my knowledge every day because the IT sphere is rapidly changing.

And I like doing that, because this is my mission.

Valentin Punda

Valentin Punda

The Internet is almost 3.5 billion users and over a billion websites. The rapid development of information technology led to the emergence of professions, which no one even thought about 10 years ago. The top line in the rankings of the most popular IT-specialties occupies the profession of a web developer.

My job as a web developer is to present the products and services of our customers to a wide audience, creating attractive and functional websites.

Taras Bondar

Taras BondarI started to learn programming at the 8th grade of middle school. And still, with all the years passed, I see no end of the process of keeping myself in time with constantly evolving IT industry. Every day I strive to refine my skills, and I’m sure there is no other way for me in a world driven by information.

So here I am, on my never-ending path to self-improvement.



“All of my friends who have younger siblings who are going to college or high school – my number one piece of advice is: You should learn how to program.”

Mark Zuckerberg