We are a Ukrainian software development company that employs several passionate engineers. Our main focus is scientific software, but we also do web and mobile development.

About our company

In the last few years we have completed many complex projects for our customers that cover the areas of health care, IoT, ML (computer vision and natural language processing), AR/VR, CAD/CAE, video production equipment, simulation in neuroscience, financial markets, HPC and more.

We develop desktop apps, back end, front end (including design), mobile (including cross-platform) and firmware. QA and test coverage are provided as well as post-release support.

Our developers are trained on internal projects that are presented on our website. They have diversified skill sets that cover the most popular frameworks, tools and languages.

What we offer you

Based on our scientific and research work experience, we are ready to solve difficult problems in software development to create the most flexible and convenient tool for your needs. We are ready to perform the full cycle of software development (from feasibility study to deployment) or can take on one particular step in the cycle. Our team can carry out your project independently or integrate into your existing development team.

Why we are worth hiring

As we are a young company, we work to build a good reputation and strive to demonstrate our level of professionalism in every instance. That is why we guarantee an individual approach to every project and offer you a flexible discount program. We are ready to stay in active communication with you during the development process with online meetings, chats and email threads in order to meet all the requirements for the final developed product.

We would be happy to take care of your boldest and most complicated projects!


“How wonderful that we have met with a paradox. Now we have some hope of making progress.”

Niels Bohr