This is a job opportunity for a DevOps engineer to participate in creating something new and impressive for the enterprise space. We are creating a sophisticated automation that will allow to focus more on developing and less on routine operations.

The product we work on helps companies make complex acquisitions of physical equipment and services from vendors. Take for example a healthcare company that operates multiple hospitals. These companies need to regularly replace and update the equipment that they use to provide patient care. This equipment can be extremely complex and expensive and can be used by a wide variety of medical professionals across multiple medical specialties. Our software aims to make this entire process fool proof and easy.

We have been working on it for 4 years and are now preparing to launch. We have a rich multi-product roadmap to develop an eco-system of products to extend our reach to all forms of complex acquisition activities.

We are changing our developer culture, and we want you as a professional DevOps engineer to help us with that!

Compensation and benefits:

  • Competitive hourly wage rate determined by your experience and reviewed once a year
  • Paid vacations and Ukrainian national holidays
  • Paid bonuses: birthday, New Year, parental bonus
  • Payment of salaries on a fortnightly basis without delays
  • No overtimes
  • Occasional pizza and online courses paid for by us

Please read the following requirements to check whether this vacancy fits your skills.


  • Building and enhancing tools for automating software deployment
  • Applying best practices to infrastructure and services in pursuit of five-nines of availability
  • Monitor infrastructure including services, software profile data, and trends to manage system scalability and for incident prevention
  • Manage services for disaster recovery such as scheduled backups, fail-over automations, etc.
  • Monitoring and optimizing infrastructure costs
  • Support and maintain every part of our infrastructure and environments
  • Improving our Developer Experience by creating efficient development and testing environments

Tech requirements/experience:

  • Programming skills, e.g. Bash, Python, GoLang, JavaScript or Java
  • Docker, Kubernetes
  • Load Balancing, API Gateways, Proxies, Sidecar Containers, Service Discovery, Pub/Sub, Caching, Authentication Systems, Authorization Systems, etc.
  • Terraform, Helm, Ansible
  • Networking, networking tools & protocols, Git, multi-stage deployment strategies, etc.
  • Linux System Administration
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Optional: Grafana, JAMstack applications, Jenkins, AWS and/or Azure, MongoDB Atlas, OAuth and other Authentication Systems/Protocols, Authorization control strategies

Our tech stack:

  • Core Product
    • Front-End: VueJS based SPA
    • Back-End: Spring Boot
    • Database: Mongo DB Atlas
  • Internal Tools
    • Front-End: NuxtJS + VueJS + NodeJS
    • Back-End: Python + Flask
    • Database: Mongo DB Atlas
  • Other Technology
    • Infrastructure: Google Cloud
    • Networking: Google Cloud, Cloudflare
    • Others: Google Kubernetes Engine, Redis, GitHub, GitHub Actions, Google Cloud Build, Jenkins

Working conditions:

  • Completely remote work from your home (you must have a calm and convenient workplace, decent hardware and good internet connection)
  • Full time (40-hour week, 8-hour day)
  • Online availability between 4pm to 8pm by Ukrainian time
  • Working in an international team with the manager located in USA
  • Speaking English to all teammates outside Ukraine
  • Readiness to long-term relationship

Other information:

  • This vacancy is only for residents and citizens of Ukraine, located in the western part of Ukraine to minimize the risk
  • If you are looking for a junior/trainee position, then we cannot invite you for this opening (unfortunately)
  • We do not hire anyone from agencies or studios

If you are interested, please apply with our Contact Form, and we will be glad to discuss possible collaboration!


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