Sergey L. Nikulin

Doctor of Geological Sciences, Professor
National Mining University
Geoinformation Systems Department


I am working together with her for a long time. She was my student and she is my colleague now. As a student she differed from other students by her purposefulness and perseverance in study. She was a leader in a variety of technical disciplines and she took the first place in a students’ academic performance rating. She always wanted to do the work as best as possible. And she is so now.

She is a researcher with broad mental outlook. She is able to conduct scientific search, analyze information efficiently, find unconventional scientific and technological solutions. She knows modern information technologies and systems and participates annually in international scientific conferences.

She graduated from National Mining University in 2007 (specialty: “Computer Ecological and Economic Monitoring”). She has got a master’s degree with honor. She finished her postgraduate study in 2010 (specialty: “Information Technologies”) and passed her Ph.D. examinations with “excellent” marks.

Her principle research interests are connected with the development of methods of satellite monitoring data processing, with integrated analysis of geodata in geoinformation systems. I have joint publications with her. In these publications she carried out a part of collective research. She does not spare time for her work and pays proper attention to details. I consider her as a diligent person. In addition, she is hard-working person and spends for her scientific tasks as much attention as they need.

She has proved herself in teaching and research activities as a highly qualified, competent and hard-working employee who professionally carries out a great amount of work at a high scientific level. She works well in a team. She is calm, polite, unconflictive and she is able to communicate with different people. Since 2012 she is an active participant of the Council of Young Scientists. She is responsible in carrying out her public assignments. She is currently a secretary of the University’s scientific section “Informatics Cybernetics” and she participates in preparing international research projects at our Chair. The University’s and Chair’s administration appreciates her and this year she took a one more Rector’s award for outstanding achievements.


“Most good programmers do programming not because they expect to get paid or get adulation by the public, but because it is fun to program.”

Linus Torvalds