Volnozor is an application that represents by itself the basis for studying the fine, detailed three-dimensional and two-dimensional images of waves of different nature, as well as interacting with them.

Each three-dimensional image consists of several layers for convenient handling. Any of those layers can be switched on and off. There are all necessary possibilities for changing the position of the image and the angle of view by the user. There is also taken into account the peculiarities of the reflection of waves with different natures, according to human perception.

The idea embodied in the structure of this application allows it to fill its functionality by different kinds of waves, and to reflect the characteristics in its visual presentation. There is also the possibility to complement the exploratory and modificatory toolkits. The reading and the writing of the images from/to storage or stream are also provided.

Languages: C#, C++

Volnozor (1) Volnozor (2)
Volnozor (3) Volnozor (4)


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