This application is an iPhone counterpart for our Ukraine Weather Map Website. The website lets you see a weather forecast for the next five days in Ukraine as well as the weather for the last five days. Considering that iPhone users usually prefer mobile apps rather than web services, we developed a mobile client, Ukraine Weather Map for iPhone, that uses the same backend as the website.

This application was created with last architecture components that Apple recommended. For more powerful work and graceful UI we used Storyboard in collaboration with Auto Layout and powerful Swift 5.

Our backend service collects weather data from external services. It uses the main (OpenWeatherMap) or the alternate (Weather Underground) weather data providers depending on their health. The application retrieves information via REST API using the most popular third party library such as Alamofire.

The iOS application stores weather forecast data in a local NoSQL database using Realm for more comfortable usage experience. Even if user loses internet access, they can review the weather information stored in advance.

After installing the application, you need to give a permission to access the device location. Next you will see a welcome screen and then will be redirected to the main screen. The interface language is chosen automatically based on the system settings of the device.

The application supports Light and Dark theme. User can choose one in the settings.

Main Screen (Day) Main Screen (Night)

Our iOS app uses Google Maps to show weather in different cities. The map screen supports both Roadmap and Satellite modes.

Map Screen (Map) Map Screen (Satellite)

On the settings screen, you can choose whether to use the current location or a fixed city. One can select the preferred measuring units for temperature, wind speed and pressure. Also, one can switch between 12-hour and 24-hour time notations.

Settings Screen (Day) Settings Screen (Dialog)

Languages: Swift


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