Remote Control is an application consisting of two parts – server and client applications. It allows to manage some PC functions on Windows from Android device. Mouse movement (or touchpad), left button mouse click and right button mouse click are tracked by application.

You can simply start server application, running executable file after installation (msi file running). Application icon appears in a system tray.

You can see application menu after clicking on application icon. Press start button to start remote control tracking.

Press quit button to stop an application fully.

You need to set connection parameters before start tracking. Press settings button and go to Connection tab. You must specify username and password. You can also change connection port.

Localization supported too. Go to General tab and select UI language.

You must install client application to your Android device.

Tap on settings button and set connection parameters.

Press Connect button. Switch tabs to Touch Pad.

Now you can control mouse movement and clicks on PC. Main area works like touchpad, buttons at the screen bottom invoke left and right mouse click accordingly.

The server is a WPF application. Server and client use MQTT as network communication protocol.

The client is a Xamarin Forms application. We have Android client implementation for now.

Server application can work on Windows 10. Client application is for Android 5.1.1 or higher.

Languages: C#


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