This application is for the exploration of the impact of economic data releases on the foreign exchange market. It is a tool that combines three kinds of data collected from different sources and presents them together in a user-friendly form:

  1. Foreign exchange rates are imported from the most popular trading platform MetaTrader4.
  2. The information of major economic data releases is imported from the ForexFactory calendar.
  3. Dow Jones Newswires news feed.

The primary customer is a Forex trader who wants to verify the effectiveness of various trading strategies applied at the moment of major economic data releases.

With this application, user can, for example, find all releases of US Nonfarm Payrolls where the difference between the actual released value and the forecasted value was greater than a given threshold. Thereafter they can see how the exchange rate of US dollar to Japanese yen (or other currency pair) was affected by these releases in 1-minute, 5-minutes and 15-minutes time frames.

Simultaneous releases and durable news (e.g. speech of Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke) are indicated on the candlestick chart gracefully. News of different countries are shown with labels of different color for visual convenience.

Languages: Matlab, C++, C#

News Impact Explorer (1)

News Impact Explorer (2)

News Impact Explorer (3)


“Good design adds value faster than it adds cost.”

Thomas C. Gale