This software calculates electric field impulse reflection response (IRR) of a given multilayered dielectric sample.

The initial excitation is a Dirac impulse falling from semi-infinite media to the frontal surface of the sample. The impulse propagates inside the sample, and undergoes both reflection and transmission on each interface between two adjacent layers. As a result, the number of secondary impulses raises in geometrical progression.

The goal of this simulation is to calculate the IRR within a given time interval. The IRR is defined by two equal length vectors describing impulses leaving the sample in the direction opposite to the initial excitation:

  1. The vector of time delays.
  2. The vector of magnitudes.

User can select whether to obtain the main reflections only or to take into scope all the reverberations in a given time interval. Both flat and diverging fronts are supported for the irradiating impulse. Special facilities are implemented for correct handling of the samples where the layers have divisible electrical depths.

Languages: Matlab

Impulse Reflection Response (1) Impulse Reflection Response (2)

Impulse Reflection Response (3)


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