This is a plugin to AutoCAD working from command line and provided with a simple MSI installer. The instrument is based on WPF technologies. Plugin can run two commands: MARKROADAXIS and MARKROADTURNANGLE.

MARKROADAXIS_SUPPORTTOOLS – command that allows to make custom mark for contact points of a line and a curve on polyline.

Create a block, to specify contact points:

Make a polyline object:

Create fillets on angles:

Make layers for tangent marks and fillet extension lines:

Enter plugin MARKROADAXIS_SUPPORTTOOLS command from AutoCAD console:

Select polylines to make tangent marks:

Then you can specify command settings (enable tangent marks, set block and layer for them, enable extend tangent lines and lines layer):

Now you have a result:

The second plugin command helps to create fillet angle designation.


Specify command settings (you can change designation layer and designation symbols):

Achieve a result:

You can use this plugin in AutoCAD 2017 – 2019.

Languages: C#


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