This is a job opportunity for a Vue/TypeScript perfectionist to participate in creation of a Business Service Intelligence & Analytics platform, included in the AIOps domain-agnostic category. The platform is designed with the aim of helping to align IT services with the business, providing metrics and indicators in real time, as well as historical view and prediction through innovative dashboards and reports.

The platform gives a holistic view of the performance for IT services to monitor and improve their alignment. It combines powerful out-of-the-box features with advanced customization tools that make it suitable for all types of IT service providers.

Compensation and benefits:

  • Competitive hourly wage rate determined by your experience and reviewed once a year
  • Paid vacations and Ukrainian national holidays
  • Payment of salaries on a fortnightly basis without delays
  • No overtimes
  • Occasional wine and online courses paid for by us

Please read the following requirements to check whether this vacancy fits your skills.

Tech requirements:

  • Extensive Vue experience
  • Working in TypeScript
  • Relevant portfolio
  • Testing your code with Jest
  • Skills in <canvas> is a big plus (paper.js, three.js)
  • Jira, Git

Working conditions:

  • Completely remote work from your home (You must have a calm and convenient workplace, decent hardware and good internet connection)
  • Full time (40-hour week, 8-hour day)
  • Online availability from 10am to 6pm by Ukrainian time
  • Participation in daily scrums
  • Working in an international team with the manager located in Spain
  • Speaking English to all teammates outside Ukraine
  • Readiness to long-term relationship

Other information:

  • This vacancy is only for residents and citizens of Ukraine
  • If you are looking for a junior/trainee position, then we cannot invite you for this opening (unfortunately)
  • We don’t hire anyone from agencies or studios

If you are interested, please apply with our Contact Form, and we will be glad to discuss possible collaboration!


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