We are looking for a Linux professional to automate multiple processes in a web hosting platform. The processes will include but not be limited to creation of a new domain, deployment of WordPress, installation of SSL certificates, monitoring server health etc.

The hosting platform is in active development now (both front end and back end). The new back end engineer (and maybe it’s you 😊) will help our team to speed up the process.

Here are some highlights of the vacancy:

  • Not for a Junior
  • Extensive Linux experience
  • Working with NGINX and Apache HTTP Server
  • Implementation of RESTful back-end agent in Python with Flask
  • Knowledge of MySQL
  • Relevant portfolio
  • Remote work
  • International team
  • Full time (40-hour week, 8-hour day)
  • Long term
  • Hourly wage rate
  • Payment of salaries on a fortnightly basis
  • Vacancy for residents of Ukraine

If you are interested, please apply with our Contact Form, and we will be glad to discuss possible collaboration!


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